Ah, the start of a new year. 2019 is shaping up to be pretty amazing—between my little Luciana growing up, my new business making it's way, and feeling more self-aware than ever (finally, thanks 30s!)

Here are 5 things I'm digging this month:

#1 — Chameleon Aura

This year I'm practicing vulnerability as a path towards love for all. One of my favorite people to follow last year on Twitter was Billy Chapata—every day he'd share a beautiful written experience, and every time it'd strike a chord with me. This month he released Chameleon Aura, a book of heart-filled poems that touch on growth, healing, and self-love. It's been a joy spending time with it, reading and reflecting. I have a feeling it'll be one of my most gifted items this year.

#2 — Best of Packaging

I've been obssessed with packaging lately while prototyping my own for the wellness/functional chocolate biz. I was super happy when I stumbled on this Instagram account @bestofpackaging. It's a curated feed of beautiful packaging, everything from soft drinks and chocolate to candles and lightbulbs. So aesthically soothing to scroll through, AND its helped me find a few beautiful products I'm already enjoying.

#3 — SuperYou

If you follow me around, you'll know one of my mantras is Food Heals, and that I try all sorts of N=1 experiments on myself when it comes to food + health. One of my latest experiments has been long-term dosing with adaptogenic herbs—plants that help expand your body's capacity to handle all forms of stress, physical and mental. When deciding which adaptogens to dose with, I stumbled on Moon Juice's SuperYou blend, and it had most of what I wanted to try out. It's been 2 months, and I've noticed positive changes to my day-to-day in terms of coping with stress.

#4 — The Messy Middle

Scott Belsky—founder of Behance, the network/work showcase for creative folks, acquired by Adobe a little while back—released a book last year called The Messy Middle. It's an incredibly insight-packed read about running and growing a company. The chapters are short, concise, and easy to nip away at bit by bit, similar to 37Signal's Rework book. I've been spending a lot of time with this book, reading pieces then sitting back to reflect. If you've just started a company and you're finding yourself distracted, wandering, lost, or ready to give up, give this book a go.

#5 — Boba Guys in Palo Alto

FINALLY! One of my favorite tea shops opened it's doors in Palo Alto. Boba Guys is a tea shop that's all about insane quality in everything they do. You can feel it in the air when you walk into any of their shops. You can definitely taste it in their drinks. I have yet to find a drink that I don't like. If you swing by, my favorite drink is the Strawberry Matcha Latte (small, w/ Oatly oat milk, no toppings.) Give it a shake, I bet you'll love it too.